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Personal Shopper

I am Emanuela Deola represent the D.M. sas company "sospersonalshopper." The activity is performed for a fee, at the request of customer we help you to buy items of any kind: clothing, home furnishings, gifts for anniversaries, etc.. The sospersonalshopper is a professional company continuously updated on the latest fashions and trends, we specialize in understanding the customer's tastes and humor them by recommending the best purchase.

Accompaniment in places of art, furnishings, furniture events and dinners, spa and body care, and of course clothing. Not only that, the sospersonalshopper can also replace the customer for the purchase, in the event that the lack of time prevents them from dealing personally, for example, gifts or accompaniment / transference of delegations, customers or suppliers.
The sospersonalshopper is responsible to accompany groups, delegations, entire groups, or individuals, in an unforgettable tour in the cities and towns in Veneto, where customers can receive a special welcome and the attention of all staff.
We organize for our clients, food and wine tours to wineries, to restaurants, to farms, to markets, so as to de discover our typical foods and possibly also to learn how to cook them.
Who challenges a sospersonalshopper it does, basically, for two reasons: because he has a need, precise to meet, but do not have time to search for the object of desire, or because he wants to be accompanied and advised when shopping. In the latter case, the expert shopping becomes a true consultant, ready to suggest, maybe after an analysis of the customer's wardrobe, dress to wear to a gala dinner or a business lunch.

Emanuela Deola